Left point Intelligent Noise reduction hearing aid for the elderly portable charging deaf ear back young man wireless invisible


SKU: 637300489518

ModelAngel 2 MCIC
Brandzuo dian
The origin ofXiamen
Color classificationDual-channel digital imported chip (single ear) white noise-canceling hearing aid (one-pack) Black Noise-canceling hearing aid (pair-pack) White upgrade noise-canceling hearing aid (pair-pack) black upgrade
Production EnterprisesXiamen New Sound Technology Co.
Executive StandardMin mechanical note quasi 20182460106
Value-added servicesBrand Direct
Applicable to the crowdMiddle-aged adults older teenagers would like to follow the doctor's advice
DiseaseHearing loss, hearing impairment, follow the doctor's advice
SymptomsDeafness would like to follow the doctor's advice
Registration numberMin mechanical note quasi 20182460106
Buy HotUSB charging low frequency noise reduction full digital automatic operation simple wireless invisible
The medical device product nameIn-the-ear hearing aid
The hearing aid CategoryIn-the-ear hearing aid